Satisfied Clients

"......thanks to you the speeches went perfectly! I wasn't nervous at all when I walked up to the lectern. It just felt right. Aura, thank you so much for all your help and guidance, it certainly made a difference. We both feel that its been a fabulous investment for any future functions."

"Our fears and anxieties of delivering speeches to 400 guests at a wedding were arrested after our first session with Aura. Myself as the groom and my father had very little previous experience in public speaking. We were given some golden rules of do's and don'ts which together with editorial advice put us on the right track. The positive feedback that we received on our speeches was most rewarding and the speeches will remain with as permanent record on the wedding videos. We look forward to future assistance for our speeches to follow. Thank you Aura."

"Wedding was just perfect. Thank you so much for the help, it was the first satisfying speech I have performed and what a day to do it on."

"Well what can I say..........the speeches were not just a hit, guests tell us they were a highlight of the night !! .......We wanted you to know that we both felt relaxed and in fact were looking forward to giving our speeches, which we felt complemented each other's so well. How different we all felt from the first time we walked into your office !! Thank you. We look forward to working with you again."

"It was great. I certainlly didn't have the feeling of anxiousness that I've had in the past - my nerves were quite good. One of my colleagues said I was really good (and) some people did come and ask for my business card afterwards. I think our sessions were really useful and the microphone technique helped alot. I'm planning to do more of this in the future - I guess it's the best way to improve my skills."

"Dear Aura, The Guides of the Jewish Museum of Australia would like to express their appreication for your informative and entertaining lecture 'Painless Public Speaking'. Your segment on how to use a microphone most efficiently was extremely useful. Once again, many thanks."
- F Kaufman and S Wein, Guide Coordinators, Jewish Museum of Australia.

"It was a privilege to have you with us last Sunday morning and I know I'm speaking for everyone when I say that your presentation was absolutely fascinating. There was important information which many people had never heard before, and your bright and vibrant personality was appreciated by everyone."
- Letter from the Congregation, Knoxfield Church of Christ, Ferntree Gully, Victoria.

"My speech went well. I used your suggestions, and my peers laughed when they were entertained and listened attentively when the point was serious. My evaluation was excellent. It was a great success. I won't be hesitant to speak the next time I'm asked to give a presentation. Thank you for your words of encouragement. God bless you."
- J.K. Munger, Detroit, Michigan, USA

"I incorporated almost all your suggestions into my presentation and it went extremely well. Thank you again for your help. I expect to consult you again and will recommend you to others."
- K. Stellard, Sydney, Australia.

"Faced with the terrifying prospect of speaking in front of hundreds of people at my daughter's wedding, I turned to Aura Levin of Painless Public Speaking. From the moment I began practising my speech for Aura, my confidence rocketed. Aura has a way of making her clients feel that they are not the world's worst speaker after all. She responded with attention and appreciation, in a way that made all the difference. After the practice, though, the work began in earnest. Aura went over the speech with me in minute detail. With a keen appreciation of what audiences want and need to hear, she helped edit and refine the speech so that it had the maximum impact. There wasn't an unnecessary word left after she'd finished, but not a single idea had been cut out. I knew I could keep the audience interested, and they wouldn't start snoring or throwing their dessert. As a result, I got up to speak with much greater confidence, and that alone made the experience more enjoyable for me and the audience. Not a single dessert came my way. I'd recommend Painless Public Speaking to anyone who wants to improve their speaking skills. Whether you're concerned about content or presentation, Aura can help you."
- C. Mehlman, High Key Productions, Melbourne, Australia.

"Even though we only spent four hours with Aura, she has made a huge difference to our presentation. Aura focused us on public presentation skills and speaking, and made us really think about what we were going to say. She grasped our topic quickly, and responded with suggestions immediately so there was no time wasting. Aura understood our issues and targeted our presentation accordingly. She provided us with excellent pointers to improve our skills. We would recommend Aura Levin to anyone wanting to present a more professional presentation."
- M. Free & K. Charman, Corporate Communications Centre, Dept of Natural Resources and Energy, Melbourne, Australia.

"Aura Levin helped me with my speech for my daughter's 21st birthday function. I found her to be very professional in the techniques she used, especially in her helpful tips on how to approach the text of the speech and the actual microphone. Her experience in training and her knowledge of audience reactions is outstanding. I would highly recommend her to any person who has challenges with a public speaking presentation."
- C. Shuvaly, Financial Management, Melbourne, Australia.

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