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There is no secret!

By Aura Levin

A training method which takes the pain out of public speaking emphasizes the art of how to talk “to anybody, anywhere, anytime.”

The course, developed by communications trainer and lecturer Aura Levin Lipski, is aimed as much at the occasional speaker as it is designed for corporate and business groups. Whether chairing a committee meeting, speaking at a social gathering, applying for a job or addressing colleagues at work, the clear and confident speaker always has an advantage.

For all these situations, Aura offers individually tailored courses which help the speaker gain confidence in presentation and in using a microphone.

“This course grew out of my own experience as a performer and public lecturer. People from all walks of life wanted to know the secret of confident speaking.”

Aura believes that there is no “secret”, but a set of techniques which can be transmitted to anybody. Her training methods suit personal one-on-one sessions as well as the group dynamics of the corporate setting.

Aura Levin brings to her clients nearly 20 years of experience as a teacher, singer, recording artist, compere and lecturer to community and business groups. She has sung to audiences as varied as Australian servicemen in Singapore and Malaysia, and sellout crowds in Moscow and Leningrad. She lectures on personal communication and her talks include “Preparation Prevents Panic”, “http://Real Contact for Real People”, and “How to Make the Microphone Your Friend.”

Indeed, Aura’s clients call her “The Microphone Expert”, because of her emphasis on microphone technique, an area which many public speaking courses ignore, “The best speech in the world is wasted”, Ms Levin maintains, “if half the audience can’t hear you clearly.”

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