Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Public Speaking help online?
What is special about Painless Public Speaking?
Do you work with groups?
In 5 brief points, tell me what PPS can do for me?
How do I pay?
Where do I start?

How do I get Public Speaking help on the internet?
We discuss. We assess. We plan a program together.
And we do it all by email.
The internet method has the same objective as the face-to-face session: finding out what you need to help you communicate more effectively.

What is special about the services of Painless Public Speaking?
The one-to-one attention to your specific needs.
We do not believe in the approach of "one size fits all".
We specialise in the individual, and do it quickly and efficiently.

Do you work with groups?
Yes. We come to you and create a tailored workshop for your needs.
It can be as short as 2 hours or as long as you need.
Workshops are interactive and we train participants to write and speak as the session proceeds.
We emphasize the all-important but often-neglected value of microphone technique.

In 5 brief points, tell me what PPS can do for me.
We can:
    - Write a speech for you. 
    - Help you improve a speech you've written yourself. 
    - Train you to present the speech most effectively. 
    - Teach you the correct way to use a microphone. 
    - Help you look and sound confident.

How do I pay?
Painless Public Speaking charges a flat hourly rate for all services: speech writing, speech editing, microphone training and presentation analysis. The time is agreed upon at the first session, and payment must be made by cheque or credit card at each session.

We do charge a booking deposit for new clients.

Where do I start?
Just email and tell Aura Levin Lipski what sort of help you need. 
She will recommend the team member most appropriate for your needs.

You can also 
Phone 0409 889 556

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