Aura Levin Lipski

About Aura

Aura Levin Lipski is a communications trainer and experienced stage performer with a background in singing, songwriting, teaching and public speaking. She applies this experience in the individual attention she offers her private and corporate clients through her consultancy firm Painless Public Speaking.

Aura also lectures to a wide variety of community, professional and business audiences on personal communication. Her presentations include “Preparation Prevents Panic”, and “Making the Microphone Your Friend”.

Born in Newcastle, New South Wales, Aura received her primary and secondary education in the United States, Israel and Canada. She holds the degrees of B.A. and M.A. from the University of New South Wales, and a Diploma of Education (Dip.Ed) from Kuringai Teachers College, Sydney.

In her teaching career Aura specialised in English as a Second Language and was commissioned by Sydney Teachers College to write a book on Language Across the Curriculum, for use in teacher-training courses.

Aura developed her skills as a communicator by performing on stage, radio and television in Australia, Asia and the former Soviet Union. She has featured as a supporting artist for international performers such as the great Ray Charles.

Aura’s original songs in English have been recorded by ABC orchestras and played on radio around Australia.

Her Hebrew compositions have included Hatikva Le’Olam Israel which the Australian Jewish community presented to President Chaim Herzog to mark Israel’s 40th anniversary celebration in 1988.

Her performance experience led her to become the publisher of a global online culture and information network which specialises in Jewish life, music and dance.

Aura's expertise as a public speaking trainer has evolved into the areas of online communication, retail training, and group dynamics. In other words, how to improve your tone of correspondence with online customers and readers; how you and your staff can better respond to customer requests on the phone or in-store; and how to better deal with your co-workers, bosses, or your hobby group.

Understanding how your words impact on others is the key to improving your personal and professional communication. Aura and her team of trainers are here to help you do so.

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