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                                 Real-life training for your communication needs               
Public Speaking. Speechwriting. Presentations. CV and Job Interview preparation.

If you want to conquer your fear of speaking, you've come to the right place!

Painless Public Speaking is about the "how-to": the real-life practical needs of public speakers.

We specialise in one-on-one training:
We give you vocal and confidence-building exercises.
We teach you how to use a microphone. Properly!
We're the experts on working with words - writing and editing your speeches and presentations.

So: we help you to write your speech, and train you to deliver it.

We help you to understand your "fear of public speaking" and to prepare your presentations with ease and confidence.
We also visit schools and businesses and work with staff to improve customer relations.
Customer service is critical in today's economy! Our quick and efficient staff training will astound your bottom line!

To see the full range of services and read about Aura Levin Lipski and the Painless Public Speaking team, click on the table of contents left of the screen. We invite you to explore the rest of the Painless Public Speaking website.

Aura Levin Lipski, B.A., DipEd, M.A., Founder and Director

All enquiries and bookings by email
. Write to us with any query about what you may need.
aura@publicspeaking.com.au                   Phone or text 0409 889 556

****If you have a speech to give: There's content - and presentation. Two equal halves. The speech - and the delivery.
You need appropriately crafted words. Leaving it to notes can lead to repetition and 'over-talking'.
Once we've helped you write the words, we train you to deliver the written speech with feeling and vocal light-and-shade, to make it sound interesting and meaningful.

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