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Paula Towers

The writer
Paula Towers is a writer, editor, proofreader and adviser on graphics and layout. She has worked extensively across business magazines on every aspect of their content and design from concept to published product. 

At present, Paula works as a radio presenter and production co-ordinator at Sydney's Radio Skid Row as well as a freelance writer on a number of print publications and a travel web site.

Previously Paula was the Editor of Pacific Island Paradises and Asian  Paradisesmagazines. Prior to that she was Deputy Editor of Retail World magazine and Production Editor of B&T Weekly, a leading marketing and advertising magazine. 

Her experience extends to writing speeches, speech notes and press releases as a researcher to politicians in the NSW State Parliament. 

Paula's work for Painless Public Speaking clients  includes:

  • Preparing material for newsletters both in print and online
  • Speechwriting
  • Promotional material
  • Press releases
  • Proofreading
  • Magazine articles

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